Coronavirus Update
Coronavirus Update
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Latest update from Waltham Golf Club
We continue to adhere to government and NHS advise on a daily basis and will keep you updated of any changes that affect the club.

England Golf Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

Last reviewed: Wednesday 18 March, 16:00
Last guidance update: Wednesday 18 March, 16:00
In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, England Golf has today announced a number of key decisions relating to all of our championships and wider golfing activities.
Guidance update: Wednesday 18 March, 16:00

Golf clubs and golfers must take appropriate steps to make sure they minimise the risk of infection from the COVID-19 virus.

In general, golf is a healthy pursuit played in the open air. The risk to players, who are of good health and not classed in a vulnerable age category, is smaller than most other sports provided the expert advice is followed.

The vast majority of golfers can continue to play at your facility. However, golf facilities must be mindful of the older age profile of their membership and understand that it is only prudent to implement sensible policies to limit the potential spread of any outbreak.

England Golf has taken the decision to postpone its championship events until 7 June.
Our championships involve large numbers of people travelling and working together to run a successful event, and we consider it impossible to ensure the safety and welfare of all concerned. Golf clubs should consider if it is appropriate to take a similar stance for Open competitions on the basis of government advice on travel and other social restrictions.
Our 1st open competition is in June so we will delay cancellation until nearer the time

Clubs should also carefully consider if it is possible and appropriate for them to run club competitions and matches in line with current government guidance on social gathering and social distancing.
We will continue to run club competitions but will not be having a presentation (where applicable) after the competition until further notice. Friendly matches will be discussed with each club section on an ongoing basis. League matches will be decided on advice and decision from the Gents and Ladies golf unions.

These are unprecedented and extremely tough times for golf, but we would ask all our clubs and golfers to adopt a common-sense approach.

• Golf clubs should prominently display public health posters available via the NHS England website in all washrooms and at entrances to the course and clubhouse. These posters should act as a reminder to follow the 20-second handwashing techniques recommended by Public Health England.
• We are already doing this.

General advice:

• Indoor, social aspects of golf club life should be curtailed based on expert advice on social gatherings
• Large indoor social events will be curtailed but the bar and restaurant will remain open while we are able to do so. At the present time Mother’s Day lunch will continue to take place with those that have previously booked and still wish to attend but not further bookings will be taken.

• Golfers suffering from or showing symptoms of the COVID-19 infection must self-isolate and stay away from their golf club. The length of time spent in self-isolation should be in line with government recommendations
• We ask members to adhere to this

• Vulnerable groups or those with underlying health issues should heed government advice to self-isolate
• We ask members to adhere to this

• Golf clubs should prominently display public health posters available via the NHS England website in all washrooms and at entrances to the course and clubhouse. These posters should act as a reminder to follow the 20-second handwashing techniques recommended by Public Health England.
• We are already done this

• Golf clubs should consider installing extra hand sanitizers around their facility, on or near teeing areas and practice areas
• We would like to do this but we have limited stock for staff and have not been able to source further supplies

• To minimise social contact in locker rooms golfers should be allowed to change shoes in the car park
• This has always been the case. Golfers may change shoes in the car park to minimise social contact in locker rooms if they wish to do so

• Golf club staff and volunteers – while taking precautions for their own health such as wearing protective gloves – should carry out regular cleaning of surfaces and door handles used by patrons. Where possible doors should be left ajar.
• We have always maintained a high standard of cleanliness in all areas of the clubhouse and we will continue to do so. It is not possible under current health and safety rules to leave fire doors left ajar.

• Cash transactions should be avoided and card payments encouraged
• We would prefer card payments but are still accepting cash payments

• Clubs may wish to offer a takeaway service for food to minimise the need for social contact
• We are not considering this at the present time while the bar and restaurant remains open

• On the course, golfers should try to maintain a minimum distance of two metres between themselves and playing partners. Take care to adhere to this on teeing grounds and greens
• We would advise players to adhere to this where possible

• Golfers should consider playing in smaller groupings – ie two balls – to adhere with social distancing
• We are not at this time asking players to adhere to this

• Clubs should consider increased spacing between tee times to prevent the bunching of groups
• We have no booked tee system so please use own initiative to leave spacing between groups

• Golfers should leave the flagstick in the hole at all times and clubs should remove rakes from the course to limit the risk of infection spreading from hand to hand.
• Under the new rules you can leave the flagstick in and we suggest that it would be sensible to do so at the present time. We are also going to reverse the hole cup so that you do not need to put your hand in the cup to retrieve your ball. We are going to remove rakes from bunkers. Please try to rake as best as possible with a club or your feet. Green staff will rake when possible but please do not complain if your ball lands in a footprint. We are taking ball washers out of use by covering them with a bag.

• Buggies should be for solo use only and cleaned after every outing. Golfers should only use their own trolley and clean it after every round
• Buggies will be sanitised after use as will hire trolleys. We are not enforcing that buggies should be for solo use only. This is up to the individuals using the buggy.

• Common courtesies – handshakes and embraces in accordance with the accepted etiquette of the game – are to be avoided. Offering a thumbs up or some other form of friendly greeting should be used as an alternative
• We advise that you adhere to this

• Golf clubs should desist from holding group coaching sessions. Careful consideration should be given to individual coaching based on expert advice on social distancing
• Steve will continue with coaching but there will be no coaching of large groups

• Greenkeepers should remove pins from practice putting greens
• This will be done

• A review of how practice balls are dispensed and cleaned is also recommended
• This does not apply to the club

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